Self-Guided Bicycle Tours

Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, all private tours are suspended until further notice.

Your health is our first priority.


Wanna go at your own pace, but still learn lots about Lancaster?

We’ve got ya covered. With our self-guided tours, you can take your time, linger at stops, or be super speedy…it’s all up to you! What you gain in freedom, you won’t lose in information gained, thanks to our Ride with GPS app. We’ll upload one of our amazing routes to your smart phone and you’ll enjoy audible turn-by-turn directions and information on points of interest. We’ll even mount your phone to the bike!

This awesome service is included with every bicycle rented. Simply head over to our “rentals” page and pick the bike that’s right for you, or, if you want an easy to use Hybrid bike, click the Book Now button below and get started