The first Lititz Bikeworks Globetrotter describes her experience on the all-new Specialized Globe Haul ST during a beautiful autumn week.

The first Lititz Bikeworks Globetrotter

During a beautiful week in September, I had the privilege of being the first Lititz Bikeworks Globetrotter for the Specialized Haul cargo bike. As an experienced electric bicyclist, I was able to ride and accurately evaluate this very utilitarian form of transportation.
Many experienced riders in the cycling community have dismissed electric bikes as a valid form of exercise and usefulness. I needed to transition from an analog to an electric bike several years ago due to a repetitive injury, and I have seen great benefits in still being able to ride. Some will say that using an electric bike is cheating, and I agree that it cheats. It cheats depression, osteoarthritis, anxiety, and other issues that ordinarily would render many of us less mobile.
At Lititz Bikeworks, Mark oriented me to the switches, gears, breaks, charger, lock, and cargo capabilities. I took off into the beautiful fall landscape of our lovely town. Lititz, PA is imminently bike able, and I enjoyed riding this cargo bike to assess its features.
I do often use my own bike for errands, but this model was very different. Because of its sturdy construction and intentional design, I could use it for serious grocery shopping. The cargo bins, as well as the bungeed platform, allowed me to carry fruits, vegetables, as well as more fragile items like glass jars of spaghetti sauce. Cloth panniers are also an option, but I didn’t avail myself of them.
Through the week, I rode to my hair salon (Salonovation), Wilbur Chocolate for my almost weekly fix, the US Post Office to drop off some mail, the liquor store, The Savory Gourmet for a baguette for dinner, the grocery store, and my daughter’s house to collect apples for my apple pie filling. Having a well-equipped cargo bike, I didn’t have to wear a backpack or attach my unwieldy panniers to my personal bike for a special trip like I’ve often done.
Because of its intended purpose, this bike is quite heavy. It’s certainly not designed for group or recreational rides (queue all of us who need different bikes for different occasions- yes, it can be an addiction). It is truly meant to allow the rider to use it as an alternative to driving a vehicle around town. That said, the ride takes some acclimation. It isn’t sleek like a road bike or even a heavier hybrid. I liken it to the old Chrysler Impala tank that I mischiefed with in high school. But that’s almost how it feels- like you’re being roguish by engaging in something “different”. The playfulness of riding on a bike to go on errands mimics riding as a teen to your friend’s house when your parents couldn’t drive you, and then taking a detour to the ice cream shop where you bought a treat with the crumb-laced coins procured from the bowels of your couch cushions
There are other features worth mentioning. The shifter and brakes are very easy to use. They are in close proximity to the hand grips and simple to access. The brakes are efficient and require little effort to engage. That said, one needs to practice from stopping too quickly, which just requires a little bit of practice. The shifter is smooth and provides an ample range of assistance to navigate your ride. The kickstand is serious, requiring oompfh to be employed to hold up this heavy machine. That said, it’s not a quick and easy maneuver to set up for quick picture taking or pulling off to the side of the road. Engaging it is a commitment.
The model I rode did not have a throttle, to which I am normally accustomed. This became a slight problem for me if I stopped uphill. Most people may find that if they plan their downshifting ahead of time before they stop, they’ll be ok. Not being a great planner, I had some minor difficulty re-starting on a hill in higher gears. That said, I’d opt for a throttle.
I recalled my physics principles from my beloved high school teacher, Mr. Finkbeiner, who used to quip that “Physics was Phun”. After picking up apples, my front wheel demanded a right turn while I fought to go straight. I received a D- from Mr. F. that day. I had loaded all of my apples on the right side. I would sincerely recommend accurate load distribution for accident prevention.
To conclude, I would highly recommend this bicycle. Start riding instead of driving our lovely town and beautiful surroundings to incorporate some whimsy and fitness into your day. You will likely find that cheating the demons will become a way of life.

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