Juniors Cyclocross and Learn-to-ride clinics are free to all kids no matter their skill level. Click here to find out more! Our Bikeworks Juniors racers compete throughout the season in various biking events in the Northeast.


Lititz Bikeworks offers several free kids clinics to children who want to develop enhanced biking skills. The cyclocross development program is perfect for kids ages 5-15 (and as long as they are off training wheels) and our learn-to-ride clinics are designed to get the tiniest bikers off their training wheels. Bikeworks free kids clinics are hosted by staff a loyal group of volunteer parents just like you.

Learn-to-ride clinics

Mark and Rebecca Branle, owners of Lititz Bikeworks, have 3 kids, and we understand that teaching them to ride a bike isn’t always as easy as it seems. As parents, we remember that feeling we had when we were set free on two wheels, and all we want for our kids is to give them that same freedom. Some kids pick up biking faster than others, and lets face it, some just don’t like taking orders from mom or dad, which is why Bikeworks is here to help. The program is simple, and like everything Bikeworks does for the community, they’re totally free! Our volunteer coaches are on hand to guide your child and help them learn to ride without training wheels. All we ask is that you register in advance, and come with a bike and helmet and leave the rest up to us. The clinics will be held on June 17 and 24, 2023 with pre-registration opening June 1. Slots are limited to 20 riders.


Beginner Bike Clinics – SEPTEMBER 8, 15, 22

This 3 week program is open to any child between the ages of 5-15 who want to learn everything from balance and pedaling to learning beginner racing skills. Our volunteer coaches also have had their own kids come through the program, so they understand how to work with your child to get them the confidence they need on two wheels. The program begins with the “green” group of riders. The ‘greens’ are the youngest group of riders, and our goal here is to teach them balance and turning skills, pedaling evenly on varying surfaces, and safety. Next, the program resumes with the ‘blue’ group. These intermediates have either graduate from the green program or they are entering into it having already mastered the basics. Here we teach the kids how to use their gears, climb hills more effectively, and teach them a thing or two about bicycle maintenance. Finally, our ‘black diamond’ kids enter the scene. These are typically our oldest group of kids who ride lots and maybe want to dip their toe into bike racing. We teach them race basics, conditioning, and more advanced handling skills. Many ‘black diamond’ graduates go on to race on our Junior cyclocross team.

Speaking of racing, our team of 10 riders participated in some of the areas best events (Nittany CX, Charm City, Sly Fox) and we took podiums on almost every race. If your child is interested in joining the team, please reach out to George Fox, the head coach at georgefox28@gmail.com.

No matter what age your child, Bikeworks free kids clinics will offer something for you. If you have any questions or want to help out by volunteering, call Mark at the shop.

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