Bikeworks Juniors Clinics is a 3 week program dedicated to helping young kids develop their bike handling skills.

Bikeworks Junior Clinics

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It’s back-to-school, and back to riding bikes. We are so proud to host Bikeworks Junior Clinics for the 5th year in a row. These clinics are free and open to any age, provided the child is no longer riding with training wheels. This is a 3 week program brought to you by a Lititz Bikeworks and a group of dedicated volunteer coaches. Practice is every Friday at 6pm at Akron Roland Park (address and directions are listed on the signup page).

At the heart of Bikeworks Junior Clinics is our passion for turning beginner riders into confident, safe, and skilled bikers. The coaches we’ve teamed up with are parents themselves, and all of their kids have come up through the program and some are even racing on our team.

There are 3 groupings of riders each week; Green, Blue, Black Diamond.

Green – This is usually our youngest and most inexperienced group. We designed the green program just for riders who just came off training wheels or for kiddos who are still having balance issues. We will practice starts and stops as well as mastering how to lean a bike into turns safely.

Blue – This is usually our largest group of riders… and the most fun! Training wheels are a forgotten memory with this group. Our coaches will teach advanced fundamentals such as cone weaving, balance at high speeds, u-turns and braking. At the end there is always a relay race, which sometimes can be competitive :).

Black Diamond – Here is where things take a serious spin! Riders participating in Black Diamond have been to our clinics before and have aspirations to race. Here they take what they have learned and hone it into skills that they can take to the mountain bike course or cyclocross race. Make sure to bring water and maybe an energy bar, because our coaches like to mix in some endurance conditioning as part of the instruction.

Whatever level your child chooses, the clinics are fun for the entire family. Spots are limited so please register in advance. Riders who are not registered will not be allowed to participate in Bikeworks Junior Clinics.

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