The Bike Share is Open!

Sharing bikes on the Warwick Rail Trail is totally a thing.

And you should absolutely check it out!

Ever want to be one of those happy faces, all easy breezy, peddling along the rail trail? Yeah, me too. But I have three kids. And their three bikes. And by the time I’ve loaded all three offspring and their bikes into the car, there’s no room for my adult bike. Sure, I have a bike rack, but it’s not always on my car and sometimes I just want to up and decide to ride bikes with the kiddos, without having to plan ahead with the bike rack.

That’s why I like the bike share. I don’t have to worry about transporting my big, awkward adult bike. I can be one of those smiling, easy breezy people on the bike share (well, if all three kids ride their bikes on the right side of the trail and don’t fight or cry that they’re hungry, tired, have to potty, etc. Oh, life with my little angels is so good). Maybe you don’t have three kids, but maybe you also don’t have a bike, or maybe you do have a bike but not an easy way to transport it or maybe you haven’t brought it to Lititz Bikeworks for its tune-up and you wanna ride but the bike isn’t willing to shift or roll. All of these are reasons why the share works. It makes riding completely accessible and that easy breezy happiness completely attainable.

Wanna up that happiness factor? Add a destination to your ride. My fav with the kids? Zig’s Bakery. You can pedal right into their parking lot without ever having to ride on the road. This destination makes for great bribing, like “CALEB if you want pie at Zig’s, be nice to your sister!” Let’s just say you’re riding with another adult, or maybe taking a solo spin. Then the possibilities are endless. Ride to Scratch Bakes in Ephrata, lock up your bike and enjoy at pint at Bull’s Head Public House, newly minted the US’s Best Beer Bar by USA Today, grab ice cream or soft pretzels in Lititz, or hop off the rail trail east of Lititz and cruise through Erb’s Mill covered bridge.

Whether you’re with family, friends, or enjoying some sweet solitary time, the bike share is a great way to make riding easy. The bikes are located at the Warwick Township building on 315 Clay Road in Lititz and instructions on how to “share” a bike are posted at the site. 2-hour and 4-hour share times are offered for $9.99 and $14.99 respectively. Local residents aged 65 and older save $5. Open from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week.