Bikeworks buy back kids program takes the worry out of getting the right size bike for your kiddo.

‘Bicycle buy back’ kids program

Hey look, we have kids too. We understand how they grow (and outgrow) just about everything. Parents have a hard enough time with school clothes, baseball mitts, and OH LETS’ NOT FORGET THE SHOES! Kids seem to outgrow their bicycles just as quickly as everything else we purchase for them, which is why Lititz Bikeworks started a one-of-a-kind Bicycle buy-back kids program just for parents with young kids like ours.

Keeping kids on bikes.

This is our mission. We see so many kids on bikes they’ve outgrown, and once they’ve outgrown a bike, it’s not long before they quit riding it. An appropriately sized bike is just as important for your kid as it is for you, but having to buy a new bike every year gets expensive, and what do you do with the one they’ve outgrown? We doubt you want a garage or basement full of kids bikes. If this seems like you, then read on.

The buy-back program is simple.

Purchase any new kids bike 24″ or under from us and we GUARANTEE a trade-in value of AT LEAST 50% of what you paid within the first 2 years of purchase. No questions asked, just bring the bike to us and start shopping for a new one. We will take the trade in off your hands so you don’t have to worry about having that precious extra space in your garage being taken up by a bike your child has outgrown.

Take one home today!

Shop our selection of kids bikes from the comfort of your own home here. Our shop has a safe area for test rides no matter the weather, so bring your child to the shop and start out by test riding as many bikes as they wish. If we don’t have what you are looking for, ask us if we can order it in.

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