Merry Little Christmas Drive

Merry Little Community Drive

The last two years have been hard. Families who have never struggled before are finding themselves having to ask for help. Some have lost jobs; some have lost family members. Let’s give their holidays a lift by granting some wishes. While we realize gifts won’t change their circumstance, they can meet needs; they can brighten days. They can provide an escape and take a heavy burden off the backs of parents, freeing them focus on giving the best gifts – love and attention.

Bring your gift, wrapped and labeled with the child’s name and caseworker’s number, to Lititz Bikeworks by Saturday, December 18th at 4pm and we’ll make sure the families have them by Christmas Eve.

*We’ve partnered with the hardworking professionals at Lancaster County Children and Youth for this event. On our list will include children of families suffering from health and economic hardships, as well as children who’ve been placed with family members who may not have been financially prepared to provide the extra care. Let’s help them.


The Bikeworks Gang

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