Introducing Eric…

Bike shop life is different these days. Instead of starting with a handshake that leads to friendly banter across our service counter, we’re meeting our customers on the phone and waving from a distance as we pick up and deliver service bicycles. It feels a bit sad to not swap stories about our riding experiences or our families, but what’s really comforting is the kindness we’ve all been showing one another along the way.

That said, we thought since we haven’t had a chance to meet so many of you, we’d do some online introductions, starting with Eric Mason, our endlessly talented service manager. He’s the guy who’s bringing your bikes back to new, and making sure you’ve got plenty of happy miles ahead.

Things you should know about Eric: His wife, Vanessa, and two daughters are the light of his life. His daughter Carmen is 13 and bummed right now to be missing a performance in her school play and little Maya just started to crawl and has the best giggles. Eric can quote movie lines like a champ and is obsessed with Belgian cycling. He’s been to Paris-Roubaix and ridden the cobbles, and was beyond bummed to have to cancel his trip to Europe for this year’s race. Not all hope is lost, though. The race has been rescheduled for October, and Eric hopes to be there in person for the Queen of the Classics.

When all this clears up, we look forward to your chance to meet Eric, to question him about The Classics, or about his beautiful daughters. We’re so lucky to have him, and, soon, you’ll be happy to know him.