Introducing Bikeworks

Our Mission & Core Values

Bikeworks is six years young, and we’re busy planning our vision for the 60 years to come. From day one we’ve known our focus was community, but we never took the necessary steps to write down our mission and key values. Well, we’ve finally done it, and in doing so created a roadmap for our future.

We’re excited to introduce ourselves:

OUR MISSION: Building a Better Community Through Bicycles


There’s room for everyone at our table. No exceptions.

We Do the Right Thing. Period. Will we make mistakes? Of course. We’re human. Will we own them and make it right? Every time.

It all Comes Down to Community: From selling to servicing, educating to advocating: our every act is in service of our community.

We ARE Bikeworks: This healthy, community-driven, inclusive identity we’re claiming? We live it. Bikeworks isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life.

When in doubt about a partnership, initiative, or hire, we will ask ourselves: Does this align with our core values? Does this benefit our community? If the answer is no, our answer is no.

This, friends, is Bikeworks. We’re so happy to know you.

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