Juniors Clinics

Community… it’s in our DNA.

Our mission at Bikeworks is to build a better community through bicycling.

How do we do that?

The obvious answer is, “we sell more bikes; we fix more bikes.” And, sure, that’s part of it. But a simple transaction won’t have the kind of big, transformative impact we’re striving to bring to our community. We want to create a movement, of movement, one that is open to everyone, from the around-town-cruiser and their kiddos to the 200-mile-a-week racer. This movement extends beyond bicycling to every aspect of our community. We’re looking for folks who love their home, and want to make it better. For everyone.

So, what is our movement?

It’s action that supports our mission: building a better community through bicycling. In 2017 when our 3 kids; Brady, Caleb and Anna were growing and becoming more confident on their bikes, we decided to launch a new program dedicated to kids 5-15. The Juniors Cyclocross Clinics began that year with the help of volunteer parents and coaches, holding skills lessons every Friday in August at the Rock Lititz Campus. Kiddos with different skill levels would pair with their coach and start out by learning the basics of balance and skills, to more advanced techniques like mounting/dismounting, jumping over logs, and gear changes. Little did we know what that would lead to…

The State Championships:

That year, the Juniors Cyclocross Clinics yielded so much attention from the cycling community, and we were asked to host a race on the course that we created for the Juniors. With the help from Troegs Brewing in Hershey, PA, our race was tagged as the venue for the PA State Championships. Our volunteer parents and coaches seemed to tranform overnight into race directors, field marshals, and timing professionals. Over 250 racers competed in rain and mud, and many of our Junior members also pedaled through to the finish line. All in all this was one more way we were giving back to the community we so cherish, and a day we will never forget.

Juniors Cyclocross and Bikeworks Race team 2021
4 seasons later, and after a long pause due to the pandemic, the Juniors Cyclocross Clinics returned in 2021 with an even bigger objective… teaching a 10 week curriculum of skills and drills to bikers ages 5-15. Oh, and did we mention starting a race team also? Yeah we did that too. For 2021, our classes grew to about 50 kids on average, and we separated them into 3 groups based off skill level. We saw some kids show up the first week who were fresh off training wheels, while others had already raced in organized cyclocross or mountain bike races. All of the kids who came to the clinics improved, but most of all, they had fun! We shared their photos on our social media pages and invited kids and parents to cheer on the older kids at bike races. At the last practice, we celebrated the season with a pizza-themed picnic at Roland park. The Bikeworks race team consists of 10 riders who have committed to at least 4 sanctioned cyclocross races this season. They benefit from having the support of one another, the coaches their to help them, and of course, Bikeworks to let them know that no matter how they finish, just showing up at the start line is the most important thing of all!