Ambassador Program

Lititz Bikeworks is building a movement…of movement.

Our mission at Bikeworks is to build a better community through bicycling.

How do we do that?

The obvious answer is, “we sell more bikes; we fix more bikes.” And, sure, that’s part of it. But a simple transaction won’t have the kind of big, transformative impact we’re striving to bring to our community. We want to create a movement, of movement, one that is open to everyone, from the around-town-cruiser and their kiddos to the 200-mile-a-week racer. This movement extends beyond bicycling to every aspect of our community. We’re looking for folks who love their home, and want to make it better. For everyone.

So, what is our movement?

It’s action that supports our mission: building a better community through bicycling. It’s made up of ambassadors who take this mission to heart and put it to practice on every ride. Do they need to race? Or even aspire to race? Absolutely not. But if they want to, we’ll be their tailwind, all the way to the finish line.

How to become a Bikeworks Ambassador:

Raise your hand and tell us you’re “in.”

Commit to 10 hours annually of community building volunteer work. This might look like:

  1. Volunteering with our youth programs – this might mean coaching at our youth clinics, or, it may not involve riding at all. We have a soon-to-be-announced program that offers mentoring opportunities. Stay tuned!
  2. Participating in trail building days with SAMBA.
  3. Volunteering and/or participating at a bike rodeo, Cranksgiving, Merry Little Bike Ride, Turkey Cross, Goldsprints (working at the registration booth, ride leader, sweep, unloading donated food at food pantry, etc)
  4. Leading shop rides (from casual rail trail rides to 30-mile no-drop spins, slow rides, gravel grinders, and maybe even a hard-driving 20mph average workout).
  5. Being a positive representation of cycling (non-negotiable). How, you ask? Follow traffic laws, ride safely, and exemplify good riding etiquette. If a cyclist is stopped along the road or trail with an issue, stop and make sure they’re okay.
  6. Non-Cycling, but community-building volunteer work, like volunteering at a food pantry, serving on a non-profit committee, picking up trash on local hikes, etc.

Ambassadors will receive:

  1. Special Bikeworks Ambassador t-shirt
  2. 10% discount on all apparel, parts and accessories until January 1, 2021
  3. 10% discount on bikes until January 1, 2021. Limit one per person.

Additional discounts will be provided for those ambassadors who volunteer more time to community improvement on behalf of Bikeworks. For every five (5) hours of volunteer work above and beyond the minimum requirement of ten (10) hours performed by a team member, that team member will receive an additional:

  • 5% discount off MSRP on part, accessory, and apparel purchases with a maximum discount of 40%
  • 30% discount off MSRP on one (1) new bike purchase when a team member reaches 40 hours of volunteer service. Limit one per person.

*The 3 ambassadors who complete the most hours of Community Building work will be rewarded with a custom Bikeworks Ambassador jersey.

How do members prove completed they’ve completed hours of work?


Ambassadors are required to provide Bikeworks with photos of participation from volunteer efforts. Bikeworks may use these photos to promote the business in all media forms (social media, website, promotions, etc). Members should also tag Bikeworks in any photos and post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If members don’t have social media, no worries. They can send the photos to us, and we’ll post. Not only does this build awareness and help grow the movement, it also provides us with a living history. At the end of the year, we can look back and see all the ways our movement touched our immediate community and beyond.

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