How we Built a Better Community Through Bicycles in 2020

2020 wasn’t easy. For any of us.

Here at Bikeworks, we started in March, unsure of what was to come. We had a son with health issues and a small business that had always relied on face-to-face connection. We asked ourselves lots in early spring of 2020, “How will we survive?”

We got lucky. And we recognize that. Our business was allowed to stay open. We got creative. We imagined new ways to make connections, and new ways to sell and service bicycles that wouldn’t put anyone’s health at risk. You came along for the ride. Thank you.

Along with our luck, came some guilt. We knew our friends throughout Lititz and the surrounding area weren’t so lucky. Small shops were closed. Restaurants were struggling to make ends meet with their new regulations. We wanted to help. We asked you to join us…and boy did you!

Here’s what Bikeworks was able to accomplish in 2020, thanks to all of you:

Small Business Slow Ride

When shops were given the green light to reopen, we asked you to ride into town and spend what you could to support our small business community. As always, you showed up, sending us pics of your shopping adventures. For 10 days, participants were chosen at random and awarded a $100 gift certificate to the local business of their choice. That’s $1,000 extra dollars Lititz Bikeworks was able to put back into our community!

Juniors Cyclocross Clinics

For our 3rd consecutive year of free juniors clinics, we were faced with the logistical challenge of a pandemic. Because so much was still unknown about the virus, we decided to err on the side of safety and offer our clinics virtually. We filmed challenges and invited kids to watch the challenge and then come to our cyclocross course to practice the drills. Many came. Many smiled. Many increased their riding skills. We’re hopeful that in 2021, we’ll all be riding in person! As always, every child is welcome and, as always, money won’t be a detractor. The clinics are free and bicycles are available for kids who don’t have them. In 2021, we’ll have a fleet of 24″ Salsa Journeyman to lend to participants.


A rolling start to this year’s ride made it safer. You guys made it a success! We were able to donate nearly 18,000 pounds of food to Ephrata Area Social Services, and several thousand dollars! Thank you!

Merry Little Community Drive

Ten local kids had a super special Christmas, thanks to you. We put out a list, you went shopping…and you went above and beyond. Over 100 gifts were given. Even better? So many of you brought gift certificates to local grocery stores for the parents. We protect everyone’s identity for this event, so we weren’t able to share pictures, but we want you to know that there were tears of gratitude. Thank you!

Gift Card Match

This holiday, we wanted to help our friends in the restaurant industry. To do that, we gave a gift to everyone buying a gift certificate. If you purchased a Lititz Bikeworks gift certificate, we gave you a gift certificate in the same amount to the local restaurant of your choice, up to $50. Thanks to this program, Bikeworks was able to put over $2,000 back into locally owned restaurants. Thank you!