Bike to fight cancer

Bike to fight Cancer

It isn’t often we get to do fun bike projects that aid the fight against cancer. We call this on the bike to fight cancer. Each year about a quarter of a million women in the United States are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. As of January 2022, there are more than 3.8 million women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S. One in 8 women will develop Breast Cancer in her lifetime.

This bike to fight cancer is gonna help bring those numbers down!

We have an amazing customer named Danielle Keller who started her fitness journey a few years ago. When she bought her first Specialized bike from Lititz Bikeworks, she was just getting into casual riding in between caring for her newborn and running the family business. Before long, the miles were adding up and she was riding with friends on social and organized rides. For 2023, Danielle got bit by the triathlon bug and decided to start competing… with a mission!

When Danielle called us and told us she was having trouble finding a triathlon bike, we sprung into action. “Road bikes and specifically triathlon bikes have been extremely hard to find since pandemic cut supply chains in the cycling industry” says Mark Branle, founder of Bikeworks. Triathlon bikes are designed to race against the clock, and they are made to cheat the wind and put the rider in an aggressive, forward position. “Tri-bikes are not mass produced like other styles of drop bar road bikes, so even in normal years they are tough to find”, adds Mark.

Whats more… the bike had to be pink!

Danielles’ bike team not only races to win, they race to build awareness for Breast Cancer. Mark set out to find a Tri-Bike and was lucky to score a BMC Timemachine. The factory color was red and black so Mark asked if Danielle wanted to do a custom paint just for her. She handed us the reigns, gave us the color pink she wanted, and we went to work, and the result is nothing short of stunning!

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